Construction Management, Administration & Inspection

Our professionals have overseen hundreds of construction projects ranging from small arterial street improvements and highway projects, to complex bridge/structures and aviation projects.

Project Controls

Our experience allows us to assist our clients with scheduling and estimating needs while plans are still in design. We use our expertise to institute value engineering techniques to save costs to our clients through claims reviews, constructability reviews, cost estimating and scheduling.


Our right-of-way services team assists our clients with land acquisitions, appraisals and relocations. Land acquisition and right-of-way management require a highly integrated approach. Our dedicated team remains involved throughout the life of a project.

Engineering Surveying

Our well established engineering surveying team provide our clients with accurate, timely and cost effective services across a full spectrum of land surveying and mapping applications.


We assist clients in the permitting process by reviewing the developers’ permits and ensuring their building permit is constructed correctly when it encroaches a right of way. CEI personnel are familiar with the preparation of permitting forms, what steps are needed in order for the permit to go through final approval, and distribution of the permits once approved.


Consultant Engineering, Inc. (CEI) is a professional consulting firm established in 1996; today CEI is one of the Southwest’s most reputable Construction Management (CM) firms. Our staff is comprised of more than 90 professional engineers, certified field inspectors, field testing technicians, field office administrators and support staff.

Our partners and leadership core have a long history with our firm providing construction management and administration. Meet our team!

John Patterson, PE CEO/Co-Founder
John has over 30 years of experience and as Principal in Charge, he is responsible for overseeing all assignments. John has authority to ensure that all necessary personnel and resources are made available for each project. He is involved in all contractual issues and is ultimately responsible for the quality and timeliness of the CEI’s performance.
Steve Bruflat, PE Co-Founder/Board Member
Retired. During his career, Steve had over 40 years of experience in engineering and construction management. As a co-founder of CEI, Steve currently serves on the board.
Barry Brown, PE President
Barry has over 30 years of experience and as a Project and Construction Manager and Senior Resident Engineer, he is responsible for managing and supervising the construction administration of bridge, freeway, roadway, aviation, dam and utility projects for his clients.
Maher Osman, PE Executive Vice President
Maher has over 30 years of experience and as a former Caltrans Resident Engineer, he is responsible for managing and supervising the construction administration of bridge, freeway, roadway, and utility projects for his clients. In addition to his duties in Arizona, Maher is also CEI's lead for projects in California, Utah, Nevada and Texas.
Tanya Kreuzer Senior Vice President
Tanya has over 25 years of experience and as the contract manager for ADOT's Temp Tech, she is responsible for managing CEI's inspection staff throughout Arizona.
Erik ThompsonErik Thompson Chief Financial Officer
With over 22 years of experience in financial management and planning, Erik is responsible for the firm’s overall financial management, analysis and reporting functions. In addition, Erik implements and manages consistent job costing, financial forecasting, cash flow planning, financial oversight, budgeting and financial goal  setting. He also oversees compliance with GAAP, FAR, IRS, bank loan covenants and other regulatory bodies.








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